Do visitors to your credit union website know if they qualify for membership without having to search and find the requirements?


We created a one click qualification based on the current location of the user. A user simply clicks one button on your credit union site and is alerted whether or not they qualify for membership based on their location within a county or township.

Our Method

We employ multiple methods of geolocation to track the most reliable location of the user. If the user lands outside of the membership area they are prompted to enter their city to double check whether they qualify.

Pro Credit Union

If a member does not qualify for your credit union they are given options of nearby credit unions in which they maybe eligible for membership. We don't want to lose them to a bank so we present other credit union options.

How it Works

The first button a user will see will be the main check by my current location button. One click is all it takes to confirm if a user qualifies for the area.

If the user does not qualify based on their location, we give them a chance to enter their city. We also try another method of geolocation and put that in the search field.

If the user still falls outside the area to qualify for membership they see a last error message and shows them a list of credit unions nearby they may qualify for.

If at anytime during the process the user qualifies based on their location, they will be shown this message.

Create Your Script

Fill in the information below and copy and paste the code anywhere in your website. Multiple entries can be seperated with a comma and no space.

Dig Deeper

This is an example of how the script can be imported into your website with an iframe. You can put your option tags on the end of the url. Iframe should be fully responsive to resizing and browser windows. The following inputs are supported.

State / Country

Parameters: aa
Name: admistrative area
Type: filter
Value: state ie 'IL' (Optional field)

Parameters: country
Name: country
Type: filter
Value: country ie 'US' (Optional field)

Parameters: county
Name: county
Value: county name ie 'LaSalle County' (Must match format '[county name] County')

Parameters: township
Name: township
Value: township name ie 'South Ottawa Township' (Must match format '[township name] Township')

Parameters: city
Name: city
Value: full city name (Must match format '[city name]')

Parameters: phone
Name: phone number
Value: any value is allowed
Notes: The credit union's phone number


One County County&phone=815-555-1000

Multiple Counties County,LaSalle County&phone=815-555-1000

One Township Township&phone=815-555-1000

Multiple Townships Township,South Ottawa Township&phone=815-555-1000

One City

Multiple Cities,Streator&phone=815-555-1000

Completed Example

Below is the code that you would import into your website.